Need a VPN?

Here’s why you need a VPN on your connection and how to sign up and set up yours.

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network and adds a layer of security to your connection.

need a VPN? VPN Diagram

Why use a VPN?

We often work in coffee shops and use public wi-fi. The nature of public wi-fi means that security can quite easily be compromised. VPN’s stop anyone being able to hook in to your connection.

Another benefit is being able to access content on (YouTube) and other sites that is restricted in your country. Look, when your wife is a Desperate Housewives fan and you need season 8 due to a scratched disc, you need to be able to stream it from somewhere! 👊

More and more we see ISP’s choking connections to large sites but with a VPN, they have no idea what the IP is so they are unable to restrict your spreed.

why you need a VPN

  • Watch media blocked in your country

  • Browse securely without logs

  • Use public wi-fi safely

  • Stop your ISP from tracking you

  • Avoid ISP bandwidth choking


    The new Investigatory Powers Act will force connection service providers in the UK to collect internet connection records (ICRs). Any VPN based in the United Kingdom is subject to these new laws. Since Private Internet Access and London Trust Media are not based in the United Kingdom, we maintain our no logs policy. The Investigatory Powers Act expands existing surveillance laws and brings government mass surveillance into the Internet age.

    The UK government can access 12 months of your Internet history and phone call records without a warrant. Investigators now also have an easier time to get a warrant to infiltrate and infect your computer or smartphone should they wish to investigate you further.

    The best way to mask your internet connection records is by using a non-UK VPN service with no logs. Choose Private Internet Access to Protect Your Privacy™.


This video explains how to use a VPN from Private Internet Access to Stay Safe Online.

VPN features

I need a VPN –  what does is cost in GBP pound sterling?

All prices are USD. This is a screen shot showing last months Paypal invoice:

vpn cost in GBP pound sterling

Prices will fluctuate with the exchange rate but at the moment we are currently paying around £5.50 per month.

Need a VPN – Here’s how to sign up

We’ve been using VPN for years and have now partnered with PIA (part of London Trust Media Inc.) to bring you a trusted VPN provider for a low price. You get a good price, we get a commission as an affiliate of PIA.

Choose the option that suits you and sign up. You’ll receive a welcome email with instructions. We’re on the $6.99 monthly service.

Click this link or the banner below to visit the PIA page.

Buy VPN from PIA

How to set up your VPN

Download the app to your desktop, phone or tablet and login using the details given.

Connect via vpn

That’s it.  Make sure your icon is has a ‘tick’  vpn tick icon and your good to go.