When your takeaway flat white looks this good

Medway Services on the M2 is a little known treasure in Medway.

When I was young (ha!) it was known as ‘Farthing Corner’ and we’d sit up there with a filter coffee for hours, passing the time and feeling like we were miles away or ‘en route’ to or from a long road trip somewhere far away.

The magic hasn’t gone, but it has changed. Moto now manage the site and they are doing a grand job (for the consumer anyway) with the arrival of Marks & Spencer, Greggs and Costa. WH Smith, Burger King and the slot machine areas are still there and the outside area has new facias and a huge screen outside the main entrance (Southbound).


With 2 hours free parking (don’t bother, they use ANPR cameras) and clean toilets make visiting a lot more pleasant than in the old days.

As regular visitors to the site, I can honestly say that every single barista that works in Costa A) Knows how to make good coffee and B) Cares about making good coffee. It’s hard to believe that a motorway services Costa outlet serves up some of the best Coffee in Medway, and it’s 24 hours a day!

Here’s my twitter post for Amber’s flat white: