How to tag forename only in a Facebook post (VIDEO)

tag forename onlyHow to tag forename only in a Facebook post

There’s a quirky feature in Facebook that allows you to tag a forename only, without the full name appearing.

When making a new post or comment, you may not always want the default full name to show. Here’s an example:

Full name: Thanks, John Belsize, I’ll see you tomorrow!

Forename only: Thanks, John, I’ll see you tomorrow!

See the difference? It may appear to be a minor detail, but it looks a lot less formal when tagging someone to just show their first name as opposed to their full title. This works on desktop and mobile/tablet devices.

We’ve tested on an iPhone 6 plus, iPhone7, Android S6 and Macbook Air. Let us know if you discover any devices or browsers that this doesn’t work with.

OK, here’s how to tag forename only in a Facebook post:

  1. Start typing the name of the person you wish to tag. (begin with a Capital letter)
  2. Select the name from the drop-down list that appears
  3. Place the cursor at the end and hit ‘backspace’ to remove it

Once you hit backspace, you should see the surname disappear leaving only the forename. Now you may continue to type your post and the name is linked to the person’s Facebook profile, the same as when using a full tag.

It really is that simple! Still confused? Want to see how it works?

Watch the short (1 min) video below to see how it works:

To bring up the list of names, begin your tag with a Capital letter at the beginning or the @ sign. This is how Facebook knows that you are looking to create a new tag.

Note: This doesn’t work the same on a Facebook Page. You will need to use the @ sign to bring up the list of names.

If you’re still unsure, give us a shout and we’ll explain further.