Safe Domain Name Checker

Ever searched for a domain name you like, only to find it gone a few hours later when you’re ready to buy? Frustrating isn’t it?

Not with the Safe Domain Name Checker – it’s nothing fancy but it’s safe.

When your domain appears to already be registered within hours of checking,  this is known as domain name front-running or domain sniffing.  It’s a scummy practice that has been going on for years. It’s where you search for a name and the registrar then uses the signals you give to maximise the price, sometimes even selling the information to other companies that buy up the domains that people are searching for and then sell them at a premium. If you’re interested in learning more, read this article on WikiPedia which explains the phenomenon in greater detail.

Just show me the Safe Domain Name Checker!

Here’s the service we use when researching domains. No search data is stored and it simply checks if the domain is registered or not. We use this as a first port of call before attempting a live domain registration.

Click the image or link below (opens in a new window) to access the Safe Domain Name Checker – it’s free and stores no data at all, other than the usual cookies that all sites collect.

PureWhois Safe Domain Name Checker

Safe Domain Name Checker

Here’s what they say:

Many web based “whois” search tools have begun selling the domain search data from their tools (aka: “domain sniffing”), which means if you run a search for a potentially valuable name and don’t register your name quickly, someone else will.  Don’t risk losing your domain name ideas. only collects the data needed to monitor the performance of our services and will not sell your search data.


If you use and enjoy their service, have a look at the offers they have for hosting, they earn a small commission from these sign ups and you can get some really good deals on hosting!

Note: We are not affiliated with PureWhois in any way and we don’t earn any revenue from promoting it. It’s genuinely a Safe Domain Name Checker (that we use) and we think people should be able to check for domain names without fear of being scammed or disappointed.

Now you can brainstorm your domain names without worrying!

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