If you’re thinking about becoming self employed or have recently made the jump into self employment, you may find some value in this guide from Triginta.

Accountant Chris Savage offers free advice in the guide and has designed an accounting solution that may well suit your needs. You may find some useful information in the guide below.

Why Chris Created Triginta

I created Triginta after being self-employed myself and developing a set of practical book-keeping tools that I thought  could be useful for other self-employed people.  I hope you’ll find it meets your needs.

I have looked around other sites that offer book-keeping tools – I’d encourage you to look at them too – and concluded that they were offering too many features that weren’t relevant for the vast majority of self-employed people and they were overpriced for the value they could provide for the average freelancer.

I was well into my career when I became self-employed.  I was already doing my own self-assessment tax return, I was familiar with accounts procedures and I was pretty savvy with spreadsheets.  I decided I didn’t need an accountant and I could set up all the necessary procedures and customised spreadsheets myself. Read more

Triginta is an online bookkeeping tool with a unique tax calculator designed for the needs of self employed people.

You can use the tool to get an instant calculation of your tax and National Insurance for the year to date. Then you can update your invoices and expenses as you go

  • Create invoices online and input the figures automatically into your books
  • Track payments and income
  • Record your expenses as you go and input the figures automatically into your books
  • Snap and save receipts and link them to your claims
  • Get an accurate calculation of how much you should set aside for tax and NI each month
  • Build up a clear picture of your self employed finances through the year
  • Easily transfer your figures into your self assessment return at the end of the year

Ready to Read the Self Employment Guide?

Recently Self Employed

Text link to the guide: https://blog.triginta.co.uk/self-employment-guide-page/

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