Medway Drone Footage images taken by professional pilots? It may sound like something out of a Bond film but it’s real.

We stumbled across these amazing arial images in a Facebook group and wanted to showcase some of the best photographs of the Medway Towns we’ve ever seen.

Here are a few examples of the work of Geoff Watkins, Medway’s finest drone pilot by far!

There’s a link to his page below and you’d be doing yourself a favour by having a look at some of the posts! There’s a night shot of Rochester, Upnor Castle and lots more arial eye candy to look at.

The image was taken from 100-150 feet high but the maximum height the drone can fly is 400 feet. The curve of the river looks breathtaking in this shot, imagine the views at max height!

The Vines Park, Rochester

360º image taken from above

This is one of the best 360º photographs of Rochester’s beautiful Vines Park. The detail is stunning and it’s quite addicting swinging from left to right!

Here’s a snippet from the Facebook post:

I stumbled across this aerial 360º photograph which I took late last year by drone. It was from taken from over The Vines, in Rochester. The Vines is one of my absolute favourite little gems of the Medway towns. The London Plane trees lining the Broad Walk through the centre of the park are absolutely gorgeous.The Vines was named for its use as a vineyard by monks of St Andrews Priory in medieval times.

The park is mentioned in a number of Charles Dickens’ novels, and the famous Restoration House sits just at the east end of the park.

HMS Cavalier, Chatham Dockyard

Here is HMS Cavalier. She was built in 1943, and saw service from 1944 to 1972. She was one of 96 War Emergency Programme destroyers ordered between 1940 and 1942.

Medway Drone Footage Chatham Dockyard - HMS Cavalier

HMS Cavalier, the national Destroyer Memorial, based at the Dockyard turns 75 years old in April 2019 – and she doesn’t look bad for her age, bearing in mind ships of this type were only built to have a lifespan of around 18 months.

HMS Cavalier was built on the Isle of Wight in 1943 and launched on 7th April 1944. As a Second World War Destroyer, HMS Cavalier exceeded the exception of the usual life span of a ship and survived the war with an active service until 1972. Her fascinating and interesting stories include her time from serving in WWII and in various commissions in the Far East. Today she is preserved at The Historic Dockyard Chatham as the national destroyer memorial – remembering 143 ships of this type lost during the Second World War, costing over 11,000 lives.

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust

Rochester Cathedral and Castle burning bright red

The landmarks of Rochester burning bright red to remember those who bravely gave their lives for us #RememberanceSunday2020 #PoppyDay #LestWeForget

View on Facebook:

Medway Drone Footage – Operating the Drone

There are two types of drone users. Recreational, or ‘hobby’ flyers, and commercial operators.

Hobby flyers must only use their images for personal use. The photographs or videos cannot be used commercially. That is to sell the pictures or footage, to offer any services for reward, is against the law.

Hobby pilots have not undertaken any formal training or assessments, and they will not be insured for commercial work.

Commercial operators have undergone training and passed both theory tests and practical flight assessments. The Civil Aviation Authority has recognised their training, checked for valid insurance, and has approved their operations manual to issue a Permission for Commercial Operations, or PfCO.

By using a qualified, licensed drone operator, you are ensuring that the flights will conducted with the highest regard for safety, and the flights will be conducted legally with full insurance, giving you peace of mind and quality service.

Medway Drone Footage - the Drone

Medway Drone Footage – More about the pilot

My name is Geoff Watkins, and aerial photography is my passion. I spent most of my professional career as an approved driving instructor, but wanted to do something more creative, and more aligned with my love of photography.

I have been flying drones for a number of years, initially recreationally, then later as a professional commercial operator. I am dedicated to delivering the best possible content to you, all the time ensuring I operate safely, legally, and considerately.

Aerial Imaging Services

Medway Drone Footage - AI SE logo

Arial Imaging offer a range of aerial imaging services, from traditional photography to show off your business or property, video capture and editing, to acquiring detailed images for inspection.

Medway Drone Footage making the Medway Towns look stunning!

Recently featured in the Medway Messenger, Aerial Imaging have worked with Medway Council, the Rochester Bridge Trust, the Historic Dockyard Chatham, Rochester Cathedral and many other local businesses.

Here at Medway SEO, we’d like to thank Geoff for allowing us to use his amazing images for this article and encourage you to take a look at the facebook page to find out more and see the full portfolio

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