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Training Module for WordPress site owners

One-on-one call via Zoom Video Call or Telephone Call with our specialist SEO expert. Ask questions as you like. We want to help you understand your way. 

Learn how to perform your own on-page SEO for WordPress  

Learn on-page SEO using WordPress and Yoast’s SEO plugin to get your pages found on Google by your clients and customers!

Training for on-page SEO. Learn how to optimise your own WordPress pages using an SEO plugin.

Fully supported after the call via email/messenger.

This SEO training covers:

Using Yoast SEO to optimise your pages and posts including the following topics:

  • Page Title & Headers (H1 & H2)
  • Setting the ‘Focus Keyword’
  • Content Text and placing keywords
  • Optimising images for SEO
  • Internal & External Links
  • Page Description
  • Page Slug

Make your Yoast SEO analysis LIGHT UP GREEN!