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Training Module for WordPress site owners

1 hour one-on-one via Zoom Video Call or Telephone Call with our specialist SEO expert. 

Learn how to perform your own on-page SEO for WordPress  

Learn on-page SEO using WordPress and Yoast’s SEO plugin to get your pages found on Google by your clients and customers!

Training for on-page SEO. Learn how to optimise your own WordPress pages using an SEO plugin.

Fully supported after the call via email/messenger.

This SEO training covers:

Using Yoast SEO to optimise your pages and posts including the following topics:

  • Page Title & Headers (H1 & H2)
  • Setting the ‘Focus Keyword’
  • Content Text and placing keywords
  • Optimising images for SEO
  • Internal & External Links
  • Page Description
  • Page Slug

Make your Yoast SEO analysis LIGHT UP GREEN!