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S.E.O. stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s really important that you have good SEO in order to appear in the search engines when your prospects search for your product or services.

Why do I need SEO?

A website without SEO is like having a motorway sign in the middle of a field. Nobody see’s it. The sign needs to be placed in view of the traffic. That’s what SEO does.

Try it: Search Google for ‘SEO in Medway’ and then try ‘monthly SEO in Rochester’. We’re position 1 page 1 for both search terms despite SEO companies from all over trying to take our top spot.

We’re even page one for ‘monthly SEO in Kent’, ‘monthly SEO Gravesend’, ‘seo audit medway’ and ‘SEO Bexley’

Other Countries? Search for ‘Roofer SEO Lubbock‘ or ‘roofer SEO Queensland‘ or  ‘Monthly SEO in Camden‘ and you’ll see Medway SEO rocking the charts in other locations. Where would you like to place a page?

Are you on page one for your local area? Where would you like to be?

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The SEO audit contains 2 key elements.

  1. Technical SEO (Correct coding, internal linking structure etc)
  2. SEO Ranking,  social media engagement, blog posts

All SEO begins with an audit.

Your SEO audit performed by our experienced SEO who will look at your site and offer advice and recommendations based on real world results.

Here’s what you’ll receive in your FREE SEO Audit:

We combine results from various premium SEO authorities that will scan your site and tell us what needs looking at technically.

We’ll then take a look manually and see what your site would benefit from most.

SEO Report sample:

Free SEO Audit report 2

Personal SEO audit by an experienced SEO

A qualified Diesel Coffee Marketing SEO will personally review your site and provide recommendations to help boost your SEO and get you started on the right track to higher rankings.


We’ll explain the audit to make sure you understand what the results mean and how they may impact your search rankings. You are bound to have questions and we’re more than happy to translate the technical speak into a language you’ll understand.

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