Costa Coffee Gillingham – Costa confirms

Costa Coffee Gillingham - Costa confirmsNot only have we recently been treated to a Costa Coffee in Dockside, (review coming soon) we have news of a new coffee shop coming to Gillingham High Street. It’s true, we have our very own Costa Coffee Gillingham on the way and it’s been confirmed by Costa Coffee’s  official Twitter account: ( ).

There are job vacancies advertised in the window so if you’re looking for work, why not train to be a barista and learn the art of making good coffee?

That’s a good enough reason to embrace a new Costa Coffee Gillingham surely? If Costa thinks it’s worth investing in the area, shouldn’t we take that as a good sign?

Personally I really hope the opening hours are a bit later than the High Street shops, people want evening coffee and this town needs a lift! If you build it, they will come…

Here’s the Tweet about Costa Coffee Gillingham as it happened:

A new Costa Coffee Gillingham – bringing the art of good coffee

Here’s what’s coming: (Source:

Hand-making a cup of coffee is an art

Coffee is our passion. With 40 years in the business, we’ve discovered the finest beans, equipment and techniques to ensure every cup of coffee makes the grade.

We have over 10,000 passionate people that help deliver an unbeatable coffee experience worldwide. Our teams are expertly trained to handcraft every coffee in store.

So whatever your choice of coffee, whether it’s a small and powerful espresso, a long and smooth latte, or something a bit sweet and frothy, we’ve got the right drink to tickle your tastebuds.

I’ll be there at Costa Coffee Gillingham on the opening day and for many more days after! Will you?

My recommendation is to try a Flat White – this is my personal favourite. Velvety milk with a slightly stronger shot makes the best treat any time of the day.

Here’s where my love of the Flat White began:

Ooh how long do we have until the 16th of June 2015? 

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