Coronavirus COVID-19 Medway SEO offers a simple blueprint to keep local businesses going

Regardless of your position in relation to quality of the media reporting of the outbreak, the hysteria around the spread of this virus has caused very real problems for many businesses.

People have been panic buying and the news is changing daily.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Medway is it real or hyped-up?  🤷‍♂️

It may well be a little over-hyped but whether we believe the media or alternative theories, people are genuinely nervous and are changing their behaviours.

Read more information about the Coronavirus itself directly on the WHO’s website:

The media continues to scare the life out of citizens globally and are ramping up the campaign relentlessly. It’s shaking up a lot of markets all over the world!

The local streets are notably quieter and people are moving around less in general. This is before any government enforcement is passed down.

This has huge impacts on business, especially those without effective online channels. Businesses continually need to generate an increase in sales and this is difficult when people stay at home!

It’s not all bad news if you’re smart 😷

For example, both the healthcare and home delivery industries are very chirpy about their futures.

The big players like Amazon, the major supermarkets and pretty much any kind of food outlets are ever-happy to fulfil your home deliveries.

The outbreak is positive news for those operating any kind of online business with more and more people confident and happy to order online.

In this less-than-social society,  more bods are opting for home delivery for their more general grocery needs, not just that special item you can only get online. Good businesses with great customer service can do really well with social media providing a huge platform to get your message out there and earn reviews.

Don’t worry, we can help you get started! 💪

Medway SEO want to help local businesses make the transition to trading online by providing a local business survival blueprint with practical tips and advice.

Local businesses can survive the Coronavirus outbreak if they recognise the changing market trends and adapt to the new conditions. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you really do need to be able to stay in control of your business as much as possible.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Medway

Coronavirus COVID-19 Medway SEO local business survival blueprint

  1. Adapt to the current climate by taking your business online
  2. Set up a mobile-responsive website that people can use easily
  3. Market your services effectively and close more sales
  4. Optimise for Google and learn to target clients correctly
  5. Introduce a regular posting policy to share to social media

If you implement these steps you’ll be in a better position with full control of your online business and a plan to beat the dark times that will always be just around the corner.

Dominate Google and get your brand out there and noticed. Don’t get left behind!

Can we help you get started?

We’re busy helping local Medway business owners learn to trade differently.

Teaching website creation, UK hosting, e-commerce shops and SEO lessons to help rank better on Google.

We’re showing business owners how to open their own web hosting accounts, manage their own sites, run social media campaigns, plan and execute their own blogs – all without being tied to a web-company with all the control at their hands. It’s your business you need the control.

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We can show you how to do this with your business website, or we can do it for you.

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