Mobile Friendly websites and Google SEO

You may or may not have noticed that Google listings have changed…

Do you have a Mobile Friendly website?

If you search from a mobile device, Google now informs you which sites are optimised for mobile browsing. On the left hand side, just under the title of the website being listed, you will see ‘Mobile Friendly’. Those sites that are not optimised will be easier to avoid!

Here’s how it looks when viewed from a mobile device (in this case an iPhone 6+):

Mobile Friendly website and Google SEO

Mobile Friendly Website’s are given new priority in Google’s page listings.

50% of Google searches are now made using mobile devices. This is why they are updating their system to reduce the value of sites that don’t display well on mobiles.

Many consider Yoast to be the authority on all things SEO and Google and I would highly recommend reading his article here:

Here’s Yoast’s tweet about Google’s latest update:

How do I make my site a Mobile Friendly Website?

You talk to us. We’ll advise the best way forward for your site. If it’s wordPress, we can simply choose a ‘Responsive’ theme or install an app that makes your site show correctly when viewed on a mobile device.

There are other ways to achieve this and we’re aware of all the options. We’ll advise you the best solution for your site and your business. Of course, we can get you listed on Google Page 1 – guaranteed. Yes, I did say GUARANTEED GOOGLE PAGE 1.

All Medway SEO sites can be made into mobile friendly websites. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

If you’re serious about your SEO, you’ll be wanting to make sure your site is mobile friendly pretty soon. Google is changing. The way we browse is changing. Don’t get left behind!

Make your site a Mobile Friendly Website. Contact us today.

Powerful SEO Blogs – Mad March Sale!

powerful SEO Blog

Mad March Sale for powerful SEO Blogs

Mad March Sale for powerful SEO Blog
Mad March Sale for powerful SEO Blog

We’re so pleased that Spring is just around the corner that we’ve gone a bit mad. We need sunshine!

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Want proof?

Perry Coppen from Tidi-Cable wanted to list for this phrase: Skyhooks or wall hooks

We turned on the SEO juice and here’s what happened:

Powerful SEO Blog: Skyhooks or wall hooks
Powerful SEO Blog: Skyhooks or wall hooks

We literally optimised every aspect of the blog article, images, media and keywords to make sure nothing was left out. The result was total Page 1 domination. See the image of the page listing and search for yourself.

What’s more, it’s whitehat, meaning Google approves of our methods. It’s the reason our blogs are so powerful, because we write FOR the search engines and we know what they are looking for.

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SEO Juice in action - here's the report for this powerful SEO blog post
SEO Juice in action – here’s the report for this powerful SEO blog post

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How to buy drugs on Facebook

How to buy drugs on Facebook – yes really!

It sounds like a crazy statement to make doesn’t it? It’s not. I’m going to show you how to buy pretty much any drug you want on Facebook. And Facebook are OK with it.

Here’s a little background and my reasons for this blog; This is not information I wanted to make public for personal reasons, but in order to make the point stick I’ll need to explain a few things to you in order for this to make sense.

Searching for help and finding out How to buy drugs on Facebook
Searching for help and finding out How to buy drugs on Facebook

You may be asking ‘why were you on Facebook searching for Diazepam?’ Allow me to explain. (to speed read, skip down to The search for ‘advice’)

My personal experience of Diazepam began when my wife was prescribed it following the traumatic loss of her Mother in November 2013. To be fair, at first it helped. It really did assist in managing grief beyond comprehension. The dose had to be increased over time to maintain it’s effectiveness and it soon became freely available upon request. It took the dose to reach 15 mg a day before the deadly potential of this drug was realised.

So I’m sat in the living room writing blogs and was about to play a bit of Xbox while my wife hops into a nice hot bath to relax before going to bed. A few minutes later I get up to answer the call of nature. As I pass the bathroom door I hear a strange noise I can only describe as ‘calamitous’. As I enter the bathroom I see my wife completely submerged in water, motionless and with blood on her head. For a short moment my world ended.

I dragged her out and brought her around (by inadvertently burning her bum on the radiator!) and called 999. The paramedic checked her over and concluded that she must have ‘passed out’ when she’d stood up. Something to do with the heart not pumping fast enough when you stand up quickly. She’d hit her head on the taps on the way down. She had literally ‘knocked herself spark-out’ as a result of combining a hot bath with the sedative properties of Diazepam.

Whitney Houston wasn’t so lucky and it appears her daughter may have suffered a similar fate. If you read the toxicology report many of the drugs listing in the group I am blogging about are cited:

My wake up call was the realisation that if I had been playing the Xbox and had not walked past and heard the fall, I’d now be a widower and my two boys would be without a mother.

They fail to tell you this potential when they hand them out like Smarties at the doctors and there’s no ‘check’ after a month to assess the patients. The last part of this addiction is the most challenging and it is said that it’s harder to quit than heroin! She did try cutting it out completely at one point but was then advised to go back on it after suffering severe illness as a result of the addiction.

Since that awful night, she’s reduced down to 2mg per day and is only using due to the physical dependance that prolonged use (over a month) brings.

I am happy to say that my wife has now overcome the trauma and is back to reality, with a totally different outlook on life, running around after the kids and helping me manage the business.

The search for ‘advice’

She was actually searching for advice on how to get off the last 2 mg and looking for support groups to see what others are doing. These are Facebook Groups that anyone can create and manage. I’m in a lot of WordPress groups for example.

My wife typed in ‘Diazepam‘ and the first result was the group named ‘Diazepam Tablets‘. She was shocked to find people openly offering all types of prescription and non-prescription drugs being offered for sale. No prescription, no questions asked. They prey on those with insomnia, offering solutions without prescription.

If you were wondering how to buy drugs on Facebook, you need look no further. This group caters for all your narcotic needs and has a comprehensive list of all available drugs. There’s even a link to a website that say’s nothing about the addictive properties of the drugs they sell.

How to buy drugs on Facebook - Diazepam tablets group
Diazepam tablets group logo

Here’s just a small part of a list posted by one group member:

Activis 5mg 1000 x £250
MSJ 10mg (tub) 1000 x 170
Mano Diaz 10mg (tub)1000 x £150
Roche 10mg (strips)1000 x £230
Activis 10mg (strips) 1400 x £375
Shalins 10mg (strips) 1000 x £200

Restoril 30mg caps in strips 1000 x £550
Normison 20mg jelly eggs in strips 1400 x £550

Activis 7.5mg (strips)1400 x £250
Sanofi 3.75mg (strips) 1400 x £125

Xanax 2mg bars (GG’s) 1000 x £450
Pfizer 1mg 1000 x £210
Parke Davis 1mg 1000 x £200
Tranax 1mg (Indian brand) 1000 x £190

Malay Tiger IM oils
Trenhexal 76mg/1.5ml £60
Decanol 200mg/ml £40

Silendemax 100mg/tab 1000 x £300
Kamagra jellies 100mg/sachet £15 per pack (single 7 sachet box) PM for bulk orders for massive discounts.

Here’s another seller, he’s even posting a picture of the boxes in an attempt to prove authenticity! Why would you not trust an online drug dealer?

How to buy drugs on Facebook - picture showing 'proof'
How to buy drugs on Facebook – picture showing ‘proof’

This seller is even offering Speed £100 an oz, Weed £210 an oz, MDMA £300 x an oz, Hash £60 an oz and a whole host of other ILLEGAL street drugs. Even Ketamine is also available further down. It’s a pharmaceutical dreamscape! 

Are the advertisers condoning drug sales? Are they aware?

On the right of the page are adverts for Comic Relief! Isn’t that fronted by the lovely Davina McCall? She’s known for overcoming her own personal addiction issues in the past and has been extremely successful despite this. Do you think she would condone this kind of irresponsible drug advertising in her name?

How to buy drugs on Facebook - Advertisers showing
How to buy drugs on Facebook – Advertisers showing up

In truth, these groups are a haven for scammers, many people complaining about being ripped off. It’s not exactly a safe transaction.

Buy drugs on Facebook -  Complaints Dept
Buy drugs on Facebook – Complaints Dept

Anyone still wanting to know how to buy drugs on Facebook, here’s a link:

Payment methods are varying from Paypal to Western Union and other similar online systems, most of which are not traceable.

OK, now all the pill-heads are off getting scammed by fake accounts, here’s a bit more about Diazepam…

What is Diazepam? Specific information about the drug can be found on the NHS Medicines Guidelines website. Diazepam used to be marketed as ‘Valium’ by Hoffmann-La Roche, and is a benzodiazepine drug. Here is an article on WikiPedia about Diazepam and it’s effects explained in layman’s terms. My simple explanation is that it stops you ‘caring’. It takes the edge off by stopping you worrying about consequences.

It’s often abused on the street by mixing it with alcohol to produce a dazed state. Apparently enjoyable but with no personal experience it’s only the word on the street. Younger people buy it for around £20 for a strip of tablets. The more mature users buy in much larger quantities believing this to be their ‘safety’ net for the hard times in life.

Here’s Facebook’s response to reporting the group: (TWICE!)

How to buy drugs on Facebook - Not bothered
Facebook NOT worried about drugs on their site

So, any vulnerable adults and kids wanting to know How to buy drugs on Facebook?

There’s no age limit! There’s no restrictions. Just pay with an online payment system and you’re good. Don’t worry if the group gets taken down, another will be along shortly. If you don’t get your pills, just post in the group and, well, not a lot happens…

It’s really simple to find these kinds of groups. Just search in the Facebook Search Bar and find a group selling your tipple. If you’re really, really stupid, you’ll believe that these highly addictive, life-wrecking, pharmaceutical time-bombs will actually help you sleep at night. That’s what the sellers tell you anyway.

You know you can trust people selling drugs online right? That’s the other point; the consultation process. If it isn’t bad enough how easily that trained (and allegedly responsible) DOCTORS give highly addictive and potentially lethal drugs out like sweets, you can now get them with NO MEDICAL ADVICE AT ALL!

Why do I keep seeing ‘how to buy drugs on Facebook’?

OK, here’s the scoop: I run Medway SEO – a local web business based in Medway, Kent. I use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as my weapon of mass attention. Basically, I write blogs that list highly in Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other big boys of search. I’ve written this article to ensure it’s SEO rocket fuel – this is normally a service I provide for customers, bit this time it’s personal. You may call it an abuse of power, maybe it is.

I’ve used the keyword ‘buy drugs on Facebook‘ in an attempt to embarrass Facebook into taking action. Very soon, the top four search engines will list this post for the term ‘How to buy drugs on Facebook’. I know they are too big to monitor everything, but to have illegal activity blatantly taking place on their site is bad enough. To ignore it once reported as a concern is neglect. Not to mention quite possibly unlawful. Kent Police may even want to look at it.

If you agree that Facebook should place more value on this illegal and immoral activity and address the issue, please share this post. Please also report the group. Facebook are clearly happy to ignore the issue so I’ll help highlight the issue for them – my way.

Disclaimer: Kids, please don’t do drugs and don’t buy drugs on Facebook. Adults, stop trusting your doctor. They are the most effective drug dealers in the world and are paid to do so. Wise up before taking anything and do your research.

And just don’t buy drugs on Facebook.

Edit: The owner of Capricorn Services, Cliff had this to say:

And I can’t see how Facebook can allow the group as it’s in breach of their safety terms and conditions see no. 9



Full Boxing Match Video: Adam Jefferies

Friday 20th Feb was the date. Gravesend was the venue. Adam Jefferies was first on.

We met Peter from Universal Roofing in the car park and watched Adam warming up for the fight. Everything was ready, water, weight, mental focus.

As it sometimes happens in boxing, Adams opponent was changed at the last minute. I think he’s gone through 5 pull-outs before this one popped up. In my view he was a lot more experienced and heavier but hey, I’m no expert!

Nevertheless, Adam stepped up and didn’t appear phased by any of it. He put on a damned good show!

The judges concluded 2 rounds to 1 in the opponents favour. Some great shots thrown and good sportsmanship throughout the evening. Looking forward to the next event!

Here’s the full video:

nec-planning-advice ranks Google P1- fast!

nec-planning-advice rankings


Our client ( asked us to turn on the SEO juice for a phrase he wanted to rank for.

The phrase was ‘nec-planning-advice’ – no problem!

nec-planning-advice rankings
NEC Planning Advice results

‘NEC Planning advice’ is a technical term used in the civil engineering world. My client had a specific target to rank higher for this phrase. Here’s a bit more info…

First we released a video (fully optimised with links and keywords), then posted a blog, and optimised that too. It seems we went a little mad. I checked after an hour and the You Tube video was sitting at first place! To my surprise, the blog was just under it.

Here’s the screenshot showing how the keyphrase ‘nec-planning-advice’ hit the top almost instantly.

Here’s the video:

We let our SEO bulldog loose again. With Bulldog SEO we use a tried and tested formula to make sure we get you listed on page Google Page 1. This very post is part of strengthening the first blog to ensure relevance – an important part of Google’s ranking system. We can’t go into too much detail here for obvious reasons, suffice to say we know our onions when it comes to SEO.  The best part? It’s all white-hat, this means we use ethical methods to rank higher in Google. Sites that use black-hat methods often get banned – It’s not easy to lift a ban for using these methods and frankly, it’s not worth it.

We just did it for ‘nec-planning-advice’ – What’s your desired keyphrase? Who are you trying to go above in Google? Need help?

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