Food & Wine Convenience Store Rochester opens with FREE CASH MACHINE!

The Food & Wine Convenience Store Rochester is officially open and now has all services up and running –  PayPoint machine, National Lottery (Lotto) and a FREE CASH machine – yes, you heard it, a FREE cash machine in Rochester!

The shop has super friendly staff, fresh vegetables, newspapers & magazines, beers, wines & spirits, smoking supplies and a huge range of everyday items to get you out of trouble.

Opening Hours: 8am -10pm everyday

The fridges & freezers have been fully restocked with ready meals, a large range of Korkers Sausages, frozen vegetables and lots more!

Shop services & key information:

  • Free Cash machine (Free cash withdrawals)  
  • PayPoint machine
  • Phone Top-up
  • Newspapers & magazines
  • Beers, wines & spirits
  • Smoking & Vaping supplies (Inc. Rizla, RAW and E-liquids)
  • National Lottery
  • 3.7m Fridges and a bank of Freezers
  • Fresh Vegetables

Take the shop tour gallery and see what’s inside:

Free cash machine in Rochester

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Corporation Street Hotel Rochester – INFO HUB

Corporation Street Hotel Rochester, Kent.

There’s a lot of discussion on social media regarding the proposal for for the new Corporation Street Hotel Rochester.  We decided to create this post after realising that quite a few people were confused about the details of the project. Not content with teaching websites and SEO, we also want to educate local people about local issues affecting the area. Too pluggy?

The idea for an info hub came from a Facebook post shared in a local Rochester group:

In case any Rochester and Medway friends have missed it, the revised Corporation Street hotel plans are open for…

Posted by Sarah Anderson on Saturday, August 26, 2017

Here’s a collection of information and links about the hotel project that some may find useful:

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Costa Coffee Gillingham – Costa confirms

Costa Coffee Gillingham - Costa confirmsNot only have we recently been treated to a Costa Coffee in Dockside, (review coming soon) we have news of a new coffee shop coming to Gillingham High Street. It’s true, we have our very own Costa Coffee Gillingham on the way and it’s been confirmed by Costa Coffee’s  official Twitter account: ( ).

There are job vacancies advertised in the window so if you’re looking for work, why not train to be a barista and learn the art of making good coffee?

That’s a good enough reason to embrace a new Costa Coffee Gillingham surely? If Costa thinks it’s worth investing in the area, shouldn’t we take that as a good sign?

Personally I really hope the opening hours are a bit later than the High Street shops, people want evening coffee and this town needs a lift! If you build it, they will come…

Here’s the Tweet about Costa Coffee Gillingham as it happened:

A new Costa Coffee Gillingham – bringing the art of good coffee

Here’s what’s coming: (Source:

Hand-making a cup of coffee is an art

Coffee is our passion. With 40 years in the business, we’ve discovered the finest beans, equipment and techniques to ensure every cup of coffee makes the grade.

We have over 10,000 passionate people that help deliver an unbeatable coffee experience worldwide. Our teams are expertly trained to handcraft every coffee in store.

So whatever your choice of coffee, whether it’s a small and powerful espresso, a long and smooth latte, or something a bit sweet and frothy, we’ve got the right drink to tickle your tastebuds.

I’ll be there at Costa Coffee Gillingham on the opening day and for many more days after! Will you?

My recommendation is to try a Flat White – this is my personal favourite. Velvety milk with a slightly stronger shot makes the best treat any time of the day.

Here’s where my love of the Flat White began:

Ooh how long do we have until the 16th of June 2015? 

Mobile Friendly websites and Google SEO

You may or may not have noticed that Google listings have changed…

Do you have a Mobile Friendly website?

If you search from a mobile device, Google now informs you which sites are optimised for mobile browsing. On the left hand side, just under the title of the website being listed, you will see ‘Mobile Friendly’. Those sites that are not optimised will be easier to avoid!

Here’s how it looks when viewed from a mobile device (in this case an iPhone 6+):

Mobile Friendly website and Google SEO

Mobile Friendly Website’s are given new priority in Google’s page listings.

50% of Google searches are now made using mobile devices. This is why they are updating their system to reduce the value of sites that don’t display well on mobiles.

Many consider Yoast to be the authority on all things SEO and Google and I would highly recommend reading his article here:

Here’s Yoast’s tweet about Google’s latest update:

How do I make my site a Mobile Friendly Website?

You talk to us. We’ll advise the best way forward for your site. If it’s wordPress, we can simply choose a ‘Responsive’ theme or install an app that makes your site show correctly when viewed on a mobile device.

There are other ways to achieve this and we’re aware of all the options. We’ll advise you the best solution for your site and your business. Of course, we can get you listed on Google Page 1 – guaranteed. Yes, I did say GUARANTEED GOOGLE PAGE 1.

All Medway SEO sites can be made into mobile friendly websites. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

If you’re serious about your SEO, you’ll be wanting to make sure your site is mobile friendly pretty soon. Google is changing. The way we browse is changing. Don’t get left behind!

Make your site a Mobile Friendly Website. Contact us today.

Powerful SEO Blogs – Mad March Sale!

powerful SEO Blog

Mad March Sale for powerful SEO Blogs

Mad March Sale for powerful SEO Blog
Mad March Sale for powerful SEO Blog

We’re so pleased that Spring is just around the corner that we’ve gone a bit mad. We need sunshine!

For this month only (March 2015) we’re offering a £60 saving on every blog booked!

Nobody can promise Google page 1 – but these are very powerful SEO  blogs! We target natural search terms and can get your blog out there in 1 day.

Type ‘bulldog seo medway‘ into Google and see what we can do with a little SEO juice for your blog article.

Want proof?

Perry Coppen from Tidi-Cable wanted to list for this phrase: Skyhooks or wall hooks

We turned on the SEO juice and here’s what happened:

Powerful SEO Blog: Skyhooks or wall hooks
Powerful SEO Blog: Skyhooks or wall hooks

We literally optimised every aspect of the blog article, images, media and keywords to make sure nothing was left out. The result was total Page 1 domination. See the image of the page listing and search for yourself.

What’s more, it’s whitehat, meaning Google approves of our methods. It’s the reason our blogs are so powerful, because we write FOR the search engines and we know what they are looking for.

Think about where you are listing now and where you want to be.

What are your competitors listing for? Can you list there? Can we help you list there? Let us know what you want to rank for and we’ll see what’s possible. Feel free to use our GET A QUOTE form where you can tick boxes and let us know what you are trying to achieve with your site or blog.

What message do you want listing on Google?

Whatever it is, we’ll get you ranking.

For this month only (March 2015) we’re offering a full SEO blog for just £80. That’s a £60 saving!!!

SEO Juice in action - here's the report for this powerful SEO blog post
SEO Juice in action – here’s the report for this powerful SEO blog post

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