Our most recent project is http://dieselcoffee.co.uk/ involving a creating a brand identity, social media strategy and full site design.

diesel coffee


Sweatbox Fitness is under new management so we were asked to update the brand. A new logo, website, stationery and Facebook page is bringing in new members every day.



Heart Shaped Spoon is the online presence of Naturopathic Nutritionist Kiowa Reynolds (dip.NT CNM mNNA). Kiowa is working hard to bring new services and packaged tailored to suit all your nutritional needs. Kiowa’s holistic approach is sure to work wonders and the recipes are amazing.


  • Project management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Recovering challenged projects
  • Planning using leading software tools
  • Risk management using specialist software
  • Facilitating workshops to plan projects
  • Training in Planning, Programming and NEC3

We invite you to find out About us, read our Papers and look at ourWiki



Here at Tidi-Cable, we’re dedicated to reducing the number of accidents caused by people tripping over trailing temporary cables. Our range of cable tidies, which are tailored for the construction industry, make it easy to organise and tidy cables by raising them from the floor and sticking, hanging or screwing them to walls.


Of course there are lots more and we’re happy to provide them upon request.

Please feel free to contact any of the above clients we have worked with. We aim to please all our clients by providing the services we offer. We don’t over sell anything and never will. We want to help businesses get online without the hassle often associated with web design companies.