The 6 Stage Sales Funnel Explained

The 6 Stage Sales Funnel is a system designed to make it easy to understand what the funnel is trying to achieve. A visual image of your anticipated customer journey.

Most people know what a basic sales funnel is, but some are unclear on the details. This post clarifies the process using the 4 stage AIDA funnel (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) with a few additional stages to complete the process and maximise the results.

Stage 1 uses uses marketing to attract targeted prospects, then a stepped process of low-cost/high value offers all leading to the sale of your core product or service. We then go one stage further and maximise each one to create further sales and opportunities.

The 6 stage Sales Funnel infographic:  

6 stage Sales Funnel

6 stage Sales Funnel explained

Stage 1 – Market Awareness

Everything you do to get your brand out there in front of people. This can be blog posts, paid advertising, SEO, social media sharing, quizzes, events, telesale or person to person cold calls.  Your content and copy needs to be on point and engaging.  Be creative and make sure you are solving or addressing an issue that your target prospect needs fixing.  This is the top of the funnel and can be wide and varied – the more you do here, the more you increase the chance of finding new customers interested in your product or service. Traffic gained from these efforts are then pointed to an optimised landing page.

Stage 2 – Free Value Offer (Landing Page)

This is the landing page that stage 1 will be sending traffic to. This page needs to be optimised to make sure the prospect is clear about what you want them to do. The copy needs to be clear and compelling and solving a specific problem, for free. In return for your free offer, you are asking for an email address. This email address is then added to your email marketing list.

Stage 3 – 75% High Value Offer (Thank you page)

Once your prospect has entered and confirmed their email, they are taken to a ‘thank you’ page where they can download or access your freebie. Now we need to strike while the iron is hot and show them a limited time offer that is almost too good to be true. This is our 75% offer.  The psychology here is to try to gain commitment by offering a high value product or service at a heavily discounted rate. Low cost is the key as we want our prospect to take action and make a purchase. If they do this and take up the offer, there is a much better chance that they will purchase your core product, once they have been shown the value of your free and 75% value offer.

Stage 4 – Core Product or Service (Email marketing phase)

This is the core product or service you are offering.  A carefully constructed sequence of automated emails designed to build awareness of your product and trust in you and your business.  This sequence is set to send emails to those who have given permission to receive your information/offers. You can send incremental offers all designed to encourage the sale of your core product.

Stage 5 – Upsell Opportunity

This is a bonus stage where you have their email address and they’ve made purchases.  They are happy to receive your mailings so we need to maximise the opportunity and offer anything that we provide, that they potentially buy. This is where most margin can be made. You can tailor offers to specific clients and if you go in deep enough with psychology you can really maximise your sales with very little effort.

Stage 6 – Retain and resell

This phase is about making sure you retain your customers. These guys have been in your funnel, made purchases from you and are possibly quite loyal customers with a high perception of your value. These people will share your posts and sing your praises, so why not ask them? Ask for testimonials, set up a reseller program, offer resell prices etc. If you are clever, you can actually have people at the bottom of your funnel helping to put other people or businesses in to the top!

Optimise and repeat your 6 stage Sales Funnel, then scale and retire 🙂


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