Here are 5 reasons to use WordPress for your business blog – or any other website you may be considering using the world’s most popular platform.

WordPress can be used for a personal blog, business blog, brochure website – pretty much anything you can think of. If you’re thinking about publishing your message online – you need to read on.

You may be surprised at some of the reasons below.

1. Control of your data & followers

5 reasons to use WordPress for your business blog

When you have a WordPress site, you have it hosted on a server. You can buy a server from any number of companies. As long as you keep your account in good order, your digital property (your website files) are safe and secure. You can access your files at any time and have full control and ownership over them.

Social Media Platforms are keen to help you grow your communities through groups and hashtags and so on. At any time, for a variety of reasons, you can lose access to your followers, at their discretion. For example, say a disgruntled customer files a report against you and gets a few friends involved to support their agenda. If the social media deems the report to be real, they can suspend your account. Facebook recently banned a group owner for 30 days for swearing. He lost access to over 60,000 of his group members. Imagine if they were to delete his account?

With WordPress you can build an email list and have full control over your followers. You can release timed messages to your list and let them know about offers, new products or services and anything else you wish to share. The point being that you maintain control of the data. The list sits on your server and you can access it at anytime, for any reason.

Use WordPress to publish your content (blogs, videos etc) and then share that content to your social media. Encourage your followers to subscribe to your list and you’ll have them safely tucked up in your servers bed.

2. Everyone is using WordPress

If you want to learn to manage your site or add new features, the online community is endless. WordPress has a massive market share and there are resources all over the internet to get help. From silly questions to hard core coding – it’s all there in abundance. If you ever fall out with your web guy (it happens!) you can easily switch without jeopardising your site.

5 reasons to use WordPress for your business blog

5 reasons to use WordPress is gaining steam! Keep reading!

3. Easy to learn

If you want to start by having a site built to get yourself online and then learn how to manage it, WordPress is for you. You can drive the site be simply being able to login. Creating and publishing blogs and pages is made really simple with the dashboard menus. If you mess up, you can just change the post visibility and then fix it in the background. When your done, hit publish and you’re live again.

Tutorial example: Learn how to make a post

4. Versatility – start simple and grow with your business

WordPress can be used in a number of ways. It’s primarily a blog platform but can be used to create and manage an uber-functional site using a set of plugins.

From a weekly blog to a marketing sales funnel with email list to a full ecommerce shop selling products – WordPress can do it all. Themes are easy to install and use and you can always switch back to one you like without losing changes. If you have custom edits on a theme, you can create a child theme, retaining your edits while still being able to update the main theme. If you need to move your entire site of transfer data sets – yep that’s easy too. You can start with a simple set up and grow as your site grows.

5. Your staff can manage the site for you

With user accounts you can allow basic access or full administrators with ease. Allow a team member to create new posts but set it so that they have to be checked by you before being published.  Only you can then make the content public. You can even use this within plugins. For example, if you have a mailing list plugin, you can set it up so that only you can perform updates or release newsletters. There are specific plugins that allow you to control every area of the users access.

There you go – 5 reasons to use WordPress for your business blog. Wait a minute! There’s one more than 5 reasons to use WordPress for your business blog…Here’s another reason!

6. BONUS REASON – WordPress is great for SEO!

If you want to rank your site in Google and other search engines, there are plugins designed to walk you through the process. We use and recommend Yoast SEO – easy to use and very powerful!

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