WP Mentor offers FREE WordPress Setup

FREE WordPress Setup? What a great way to launch a new service! All you need to do is agree to talk about your experience of using the WP Mentor service and it’s yours 100% FREE!

FREE WordPress Setup

It’s not a joke, you’ll get the full WP Mentor service hosted for 3 months and if you like the services, just stay as a hosting customer to continue receiving the same support.

Perfect for those who like to tinker but need someone to run to if you mess things up!

  • FREE 30 Minute TeleConsultation
  • FREE Domain Name
  • FREE SSD Hosting for 3 months
  • FREE Business Model Consultation
  • FREE Theme Consultation
  • FREE Plugin Consultation
  • FREE Tutorial to get you started with WP
  • FREE Ongoing Mentorship for hosting clients who stay

The service usually costs £97 just for the set up and you’ll get this and so much more included in the FREE WordPress Setup package.

Here’s the link to the normal set up service as advertised:


If you’re ready to SAVE £97 and are looking for the FREE WordPress Setup OFFER, you can find it here:


WP Mentor exists to enable web site owners to have FULL CONTROL of their sites. That means you’ll get full access at any time you wish. Full administrator details and even the hosting logins if you want to look around the server that hosts your site. If you ever wish to leave, that’s fine too. You’ll be helped along the way to make sure to are happy with all services provided. Transferring domains, files, databases – no extra charge.

It’s time business owners took control back, and WP Mentor is here to make sure more people are freed from the control of their web designers. Call it a digital revolution if you like.

If you have any questions about the WP Mentor FREE WordPress Setup offer, us us HERE and we’ll be happy to advise.



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How to set up a Killer SEO Strategy Using WordPress

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