Where to get Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway

Do you know where to get Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway?

Here’s where to get Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway…Moto services on the M2. Known to old school locals as Farthing Corner, I think the official term these days is ‘Moto Medway Services’ but whatever it’s called, it’s a great place to get coffee made by professional barista’s – any time of the day or night!

For those who know the site but may not have been there in a while, here’s how it looks now:

Refit: Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway New machine at Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway

As part of the ongoing works to introduce M&S to the list of major brands on the site, the Costa unit has now moved. Don’t worry, it’s just been moved to the old seating area over the bridge walkway and it now has it’s very own seating area. It is a little smaller but there are other areas to sit. Things have changed and we now have Greggs the bakers to compliment the WH Smiths that has always been there. You know they do Krispy Kremes in there right?

A perfect Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in MedwayMy wife and I have been unashamedly addicted to Costa Coffee since we lived in London back in 2008. We’ve visited most of the Costa’s in South East London and Kent and this is by far the best in terms of coffee consistency. Dockside is a close second and the quality has improved tenfold since they opened a few months back.

Should you choose to visit Moto Medway Services in the early hours, you can still be assured that you will receive a top quality drink. It’s not like the old days, the current night staff are all friendly and really do excel at making drinks!

Being self-employed means that I work strange hours. To know that I can work through to finish a project until 2am and STILL be able to have a coffee break in tru Costa style is of huge value to me as a businessman.

I signed a sponsorship deal with boxer Adam Jefferies there, I regularly meet Peter Cole from Universal Roofing as he’s passing through, Cliff Bone from Capricorn Services loves a good latte on route to fix catering machines and the inventor of Tidi-Cable products, Perry Coppen and I brainstormed the SEO plan for his website over a Costa Coffee at Moto Medway Services!

Personally I go there to do business and chill at the same time. Where else can you do that 24 hours a day?

I am currently working on a project with our good friend (and fellow ex-employee of Costa) Shakira to offer lead generation jobs to driven people looking to generate income through real-life business opportunities. More information can be found here: KW Systems (Feel free to contact, you know where we can meet!)

Opening hours: Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway
Proof: Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway

Another bonus – 20% off your Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway

A new app has just been released to help you find Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in MedwayHere’s where you can get the app: http://www.moto-way.com/app check it everytime you go because 20% off is on offer every few days. My wife and I spend £7 on a round of coffee. When the app is on, that’s reduced to £5.60. It’s a big difference when you visit as much as we do!

Click the link to download the app – I’m an iPhone user but I’m pretty sure it’s available on most mobile platforms!

OK, now here’s exactly where to get Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway

Moto services are located Eastbound and Westbound between Junctions 4 and 5 of the M2. Visit the official web site here: http://www.moto-way.com/location/medway-westbound

Costa Coffee have their own store locator mini-site, so if you’ve reached this from somewhere other than Medway, you can check for your local coffee shop here: