Rochester SEO – the battle continues

Rochester SEO rankings

Rochester SEO

Rochester SEO is our latest challenge. We’ll show you how effective natural SEO can be.

A few weeks back we began a campaign to rank for ‘seo in rochester kent‘ – click the keyphrase to see the results. The image below also takes you directly to the Google search page:

Rochester SEO rankings

The phrase we really want to go for is ‘Rochester SEO‘. This is no easy task given the amount of SEO companies that are trying to rank for this phrase. The biggest problem is the fact that there is another Rochester in the USA. We want to rank the Rochester in Kent, UK.

We’ve added a few tags and created a video to boost the SEO juice! Check out our YouTube video below:

The video itself is a quick tutorial that shows how we add Rochester SEO in to a logo using an online app. If you’re interested in creating logos online, visit for more details.  Basic pricing starts at $20 or something. We only used it to demo the keyphrase we are trying to rank for,

How long will it take?

The last campaign took 2 weeks to rank. There are lots of factors that affect the speed of results. We’re hoping it will take around a month to see results. Google needs to crawl the pages and determine where we should sit, based on the quality of the content. Sometimes we see results fast, so we’ll be keeping an eye on things over the next week or so to see how we are shuffling the rankings.

Why Rochester SEO? There are two reasons; the first being that we love a good challenge! The second is that we want to attract local customers from Rochester in Kent, as that’s where we are based. We can easily meet in any number of coffee shops in the high street and if they find us on Google, they come to us to help them find local custom for their business!

If you found us through Google and have in interest in learning SEO or would like us to help your site rank higher, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help your business.

Rochester SEO may be a challenge


Rochester SEO ranking – an exciting challenge ahead

Rochester SEO is the phrase we want to rank for but it’s not quite a simple as it sounds. Not only is there more than one Rochester, there’s even a company called Rochester SEO!

The point of this post will be two-fold. Firstly to test how things work and see if things still work the way we expect them to, and secondly to give Rochester SEO companies in Kent a change to rank. The yanks have had it too easy for too long and it’s time to make a stand and give them some competition. Any New York companies see this, we’ll be happy to quote!!

Here’s the current standings when you search Google for Rochester SEO:

Rochester SEO Google screen-shot 2016-10-12-at-23-56-12
Rochester SEO Google screen-shot 2016-10-12-at-23-56-12

How can we infiltrate New York SEO companies rankings on Google?

Here’s how; The first test is to create a little video and upload it to You Tube. The title and description contain the keyphrase ‘Rochester SEO’ and it links back to Medway SEO. Click here to view on YouTube

This page is stuffed with SEO and our classic Bulldog SEO sauce has been applied. We’ve used a few tried and tested methods and a few new ones so we’ll soon see what needs to be done to rank. We’ll revisit the ranking page soon and see how we are going. Update will appear below.

Medway SEO used a simple screen recorder program and a custom pointer to create the video – tutorial videos can be made using these tools for our customer. Contact us for more information.

Please note: All our SEO techniques are ethical and follow Google guidelines. We do not partake in ANY blackhat activities. Our results are aimed at natural search terms and human interaction with pages and websites. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.



Medway SEO’s Unique system is coming!

Medway SEO on Twitter

Medway SEO on TwitterOur unique SEO system is almost ready for launch!

We are almost ready to go live with our unique SEO system. We’re making sure we’ve got the best package out there and that our methods comply with Google‘s strict guidelines.

Medway SEO offer ‘whitehat’ SEO services only to ensure your site complies at all times. While Blackhat SEO systems work in the short term, it’s simply not worth the risk of having your site banned for using unapproved SEO methods.

The system we use means we don’t have to even access your current website if you don’t want us to. Our product will boost your site traffic and Google page rank as a stand alone project. We will happily send you a detailed SEO report of your main site to help improve your rankings longer term.

Medway SEO – Supporting local business

Due to the way the system works, it’s especially effective for Medway businesses. Being a Medway based business, we offer extra special rates. Ask about about our local business rates.

Medway SEO on Twitter

We’ve also just added our Twitter account @medwayseocom so if you’re a tweeter, give us a follow and see what we’re up to. We’ll post special deals and offers as well as local information and news.

Get in touch today if you need an SEO boost for your site.

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