SEO Bulldog bites in Medway

SEO Bulldog bites in Medway
SEO Bulldog bites in Medway

SEO Bulldog bites in Medway are rare – but this one was expected.

We’re not talking about real bulldog bites, we’re talking about our SEO Bulldog. He’s been running around Google and getting listed on page one. Literally ripping up the competition as the logo below suggests.

What’s Bulldog SEO?

Bulldog SEO is our custom SEO package that rockets your pages on Google. We use a set of techniques learned over years and in compliance with Google’s T&C’s. By using ethical methods, we are able to manipulate the search results to make sure you improve your site rankings.

This bulldog bites.

SEO is not a huge science, it’s about optimising your content to conform. If you provide useful content, Google rewards you. Forget all the technical Bull that some companies try to confuse you with. Bulldog SEO takes care of the competition for you. He loves ripping up Google pages and placing you higher up the list. Everyone wants page one and we’re pretty confident we can help. We know how to write content and we know how to get you listed higher.

Search for Bulldog SEO and see the damage he did to Google.

He bites hard too. We don’t just talk the talk. We’ve got Medway SEO listed in Madrid, and our Spanish counterpart, Sunshine Web Design is listed in Enfield!

We don’t tie you in either – 30 days notice and you’re free.

Why would we need to tie you in to a years SEO contract? Ask your SEO company in Medway if they offer that. Most Medway SEO companies don’t even list their address on their websites. Look out for my next article on ‘SEO procurement’ and why you really need to think about who you use for your web site SEO services in Medway.

Have a look for yourself: Search Google for ‘landing pages madrid‘ and ‘landing pages enfield‘ and you’ll see both Medway SEO and Sunshine Web Design on page 1.

If you want to know more about Bulldog SEO, click HERE to read the PDF Flyer: Bulldog SEO Flyer

One of our ‘bulldog bites’ promo videos:


Bulldog bites - Bulldog SEO logo

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