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Diesel SEO for the winDiesel SEO is a unique SEO plugin that gets your site placed where your customers are. It’s both simple and complex at the same time.

The plugin allows you to create multiple landing pages with pre-selected keywords that are automatically placed into each different page.

In short, you create an amazing landing page with images, links, calls-to-action and any other features you require on your page. You then copy the HTML and use the [diesel-seo] shortcode to place your keywords in to each new page. This creates a new batch of pages, each with unique titles and content containing the chosen keywords.

The shortcode adds the keywords you enter and is applied to all pages including the page titles (this is what makes the pages unique) and in the main content areas. Each page will need minimal tweaking to make it unique and fully optimised for SEO.

There’s no point boring you with the techy details, so we’ll just say that we’ve developed our own WordPress plugin that creates geographically targeted landing pages that can be fully optimised before being released to the world wide web – via Google

Using the Diesel SEO plugin you can place pages in exactly the locations that you want exposure, attracting organic search traffic, that’s real people looking for your services in a given location. Google loves the way we do things and rewards us with results.

It’s whitehat and effective. No duplicate content issues and the longer the pages remain on the site, the stronger the SEO becomes.

No PPC (pay per click) and no ‘sponsored ads’ – just good old fashioned SEO rich pages, placed where you want them.

This video shows the power of Diesel SEO listing Google Page 1, position 1 in just two days:

Need proof? Search for ‘Monthly SEO in Dartford‘ or ‘SEO in Bexley‘ and you’ll see Medway SEO rocking the charts in other locations. This was achieved using the Diesel SEO plugin.  Ask for more examples if you need further proof – we have plenty.

Diesel SEO is unique to Medway SEO.

We’ve spent literally years developing Diesel SEO and we are 100% confident in it’s results. No one else does SEO the way we do and we know what Google is looking for.

Benefits of using Diesel SEO:

  • Saves hours creating pages
  • Long term ranking
  • Whitehat system
  • Legal
  • Effective
  • Powerful
  • Guaranteed to improve your page rank

How can I buy the plugin and start my SEO?

If you want to perform your own DIY SEO, you can purchase the plugin and follow the instructions. This plugin is designed for use with Yoast SEO and when used correctly, can produce stunning, long-term results.

Contact us when you’re ready to rank or visit the Capricorn Hosting shop to download the plugin & pay securely via our sagepay shop:


or view our SEO packages if you need a little assistance.


Have a look at what the plugin does by viewing the tutorial: