Banjo Man receives Random Act of Kindness

This was a random act of kindness (RAK) from one busker to another. Firstly, here’s a bit of background about our local Banjo Man.

Banjo Man entertains Medway

Most people local to Gillingham and Chatham will have heard the slow finger-picking sound of who we affectionately call ‘Banjo Man’ strumming away in the high streets of Medway.

Many a time I’ve found myself wandering along with some ‘plinker plink’ finger-picking tune in my head. On a good day, you can see him in his full glory standing there like Elvis Presley in his black leather ’68 comeback special’ suit, banjo astride of him while he struts around drawing attention from all around. Mostly though, he’s sat in a doorway hoping for a little change from a sympathetic passer by.

The set doesn’t change much but he is very consistent, coming out to play in all weathers. We’ve even seen him out with the revellers in Rochester and always draws a crowd of people wanting a ‘selfie’ with the musician we all see so often around the Medway Towns.

Random act of kindness for Medway Banjo Man

The day this RAK happened was a Saturday (August 1st 2015) and I was sitting outside Costa Coffee in Gillingham High Street enjoying a large latte with my wife.

Across the road, outside the Nationwide was Banjo Man having a gentle strum on his banjo. He was standing when we first arrived but it was late in the afternoon so there were not that many people in the high street.

Another guy carrying an instrument walked past and was heading for the station. We overheard him saying that he was heading up to London to catch the partygoers and busk where the people are in abundance. For this article, we’ll call him ‘London Busker’.

When he noticed Banjo Man playing, he acknowledged him and they exchanged a few words. He then continued on his way. We thought it was nice to see him stop and share a few words and we continued to enjoy our coffee, content that there were still a few kind-hearted people in Medway. I jest 🙂

Random act of kindness for Medway Banjo Man
Random act of kindness for Medway Banjo Man

London Busker returns with a box

A few minutes later we saw the London Busker return and stop outside the Nationwide near where Banjo Man was sitting. He had a box of (what looked like) Magnum ice cream lollies. We were surprised to see him offer one to the Banjo Man and when he accepted, his face lit up and he looked to be thoroughly enjoying the gesture.

He then give the best gift of all – his time.

Going back to the beginning when we first saw the London Busker, I want to note that he was not meandering along taking in the sights on the way to the station. He was on a mission to catch a train to London to earn his living and was walking at quite a pace with his guitar strapped to his back and bag packed ready for the journey.

Not only did he give the Banjo Man an ice cream, he then chose to sit with him and share both his treats and his time. We observed them both chatting away and the joy he passed on was evident. Banjo Man was smiling and chatting along as if he was hanging out in the high street with his best pal – and just for that moment he was.

It was fantastic to see one human being extend such brotherly love for another human being with absolutely no personal gain whatsoever. He was there for at least 20 minutes, if not longer – and he seemed genuinely happy to be there.

It certainly restored our faith in humanity. I just had to get a picture and share this truly humbling experience. I’m grateful to have personally witnessed it.

Time costs nothing when it means that much to another person.

If you have any further information about Banjo Man or the London Busker and would like to share it with us, please contact us

Where to get Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway

Opening hours: Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway

Do you know where to get Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway?

Here’s where to get Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway…Moto services on the M2. Known to old school locals as Farthing Corner, I think the official term these days is ‘Moto Medway Services’ but whatever it’s called, it’s a great place to get coffee made by professional barista’s – any time of the day or night!

For those who know the site but may not have been there in a while, here’s how it looks now:

Refit: Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway New machine at Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway

As part of the ongoing works to introduce M&S to the list of major brands on the site, the Costa unit has now moved. Don’t worry, it’s just been moved to the old seating area over the bridge walkway and it now has it’s very own seating area. It is a little smaller but there are other areas to sit. Things have changed and we now have Greggs the bakers to compliment the WH Smiths that has always been there. You know they do Krispy Kremes in there right?

A perfect Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in MedwayMy wife and I have been unashamedly addicted to Costa Coffee since we lived in London back in 2008. We’ve visited most of the Costa’s in South East London and Kent and this is by far the best in terms of coffee consistency. Dockside is a close second and the quality has improved tenfold since they opened a few months back.

Should you choose to visit Moto Medway Services in the early hours, you can still be assured that you will receive a top quality drink. It’s not like the old days, the current night staff are all friendly and really do excel at making drinks!

Being self-employed means that I work strange hours. To know that I can work through to finish a project until 2am and STILL be able to have a coffee break in tru Costa style is of huge value to me as a businessman.

I signed a sponsorship deal with boxer Adam Jefferies there, I regularly meet Peter Cole from Universal Roofing as he’s passing through, Cliff Bone from Capricorn Services loves a good latte on route to fix catering machines and the inventor of Tidi-Cable products, Perry Coppen and I brainstormed the SEO plan for his website over a Costa Coffee at Moto Medway Services!

Personally I go there to do business and chill at the same time. Where else can you do that 24 hours a day?

I am currently working on a project with our good friend (and fellow ex-employee of Costa) Shakira to offer lead generation jobs to driven people looking to generate income through real-life business opportunities. More information can be found here: KW Systems (Feel free to contact, you know where we can meet!)

Opening hours: Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway
Proof: Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway

Another bonus – 20% off your Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway

A new app has just been released to help you find Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in MedwayHere’s where you can get the app: check it everytime you go because 20% off is on offer every few days. My wife and I spend £7 on a round of coffee. When the app is on, that’s reduced to £5.60. It’s a big difference when you visit as much as we do!

Click the link to download the app – I’m an iPhone user but I’m pretty sure it’s available on most mobile platforms!

OK, now here’s exactly where to get Costa Coffee 24 hours a day in Medway

Moto services are located Eastbound and Westbound between Junctions 4 and 5 of the M2. Visit the official web site here:

Costa Coffee have their own store locator mini-site, so if you’ve reached this from somewhere other than Medway, you can check for your local coffee shop here:


Facebook drugs u-turn after Medway SEO blog campaign

Facebook removes drugs group

Facebook drugs u-turn

In a surprise Facebook drugs u-turn, they reconsidered their decision NOT to remove the group we reported for violating the TOS. This was how it read: ‘We revised our decision on your report of Diazepam Tablets’

Why the Facebook drugs u-turn?

This was following our SEO campaign last week to raise awareness about this issue. Children and vulnerable adults were able to gain access to the illegal sale of prescription drugs through these seemingly unregulated groups.

Here’s the blog we posted after they refused to remove the group for NOT violating the TOS

We managed to get listed for the term ‘how to buy drugs on Facebook‘ but very soon the term ‘drugs Facebook‘ listed on Page 1 on Google. It seems we got their attention!

It was pointed out by Cliff from Capricorn Services that point 9 of their safety policy states:

‘You will not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, etc…’

Facebook drugs u-turn - safety policy
Facebook drugs u-turn – safety policy

It also states very clearly in section 4 of their ‘Facebook Pages Terms‘ that ‘Pages must not promote the sale of prescription pharmaceuticals.’ (see full excerpt below):

C.    Pages must not promote the sale of prescription pharmaceuticals. Pages for online pharmacies may be permitted with prior approval from Facebook.

Anyway, point made. We told Facebook and they said no. Maybe the drugs group had prior approval?

Then, at 8:30am I get this notification (showing a blatant Facebook drugs u-turn!):

‘We revised our decision on your report of Diazepam Tablets’:

Facebook drugs u-turn notification
Facebook drugs u-turn notification

Stating the following Facebook drugs u-turn:

Facebook Help Team

  • We reviewed the group you reported for containing drug use. Since it violated our Community Standards, we removed it. Thanks for your report.

So, if one powerful SEO blog post can force a Facebook drugs u-turn, just imagine what it can do for your business message.

Contact us today for pricing.

Gallery: Gillingham Great Lines War Memorial

My wife and I have walked the lines daily as part of our exercise regime and as today was a beautifully sunny October day, we decided to have a walk around the memorial grounds that house the huge obelisk that can be seen from most areas of Chatham. Like most people who tread the Lines on a regular basis, we hadn’t really considered what we were walking past. Today, we got curious. The grounds are kept really well and it’s a peaceful place steeped in history. We had no idea that the names were not just of the soldiers who died during the Great War, but those without graves from BOTH WW1 and WW2.

The Gillingham Great Lines War Memorial is located in Chatham on the ‘The Great Line Heritage Park’ and over looks Chatham town centre. The view is good and it’s a good challenge to try to pick out the shops and buildings in the distance – The Pentagon Centre being the easiest to identify! You can even see Rochester Castle from the benches on the hillside.

Here’s what it looks like inside:

Here’s what WikiPedia says:

Chatham Naval Memorial is a large obelisk situated in the town of Chatham, Kent, which is in the Medway Towns. The memorial is now the main feature of The Great Line Heritage Park. The huge expanse of the Great Lines was in its own right a layer of defence to protect Chatham Dockyard from attack.[1]

Chatham was a principal manning port of the Royal Navy during the First World War and thus was dedicated as the site of one of three memorials to sailors of the Royal Navy killed during the conflict but who have no grave.

The other memorials were situated at Portsmouth and Plymouth. The obelisks were designed by Sir Robert Lorimer[2] and the one at Chatham originally contained 8,515 names.

It is made of Portland stone with bronze plaques in 1920. It has steps up to a plinth with inscription plaques, and projecting corners with reclining lions, beneath a stepped base to the obelisk, which has a stepped top to an elaborate finial with corner ships prows and bronze supports to a ball.[3]

After the Second World War and its consequent loss of life, the decision was made to expand the three memorials and so the Chatham Naval Memorial was created from the ‘Chatham Obelisk’ and was given a surround designed by Sir Edward Maufe which contains 10,098 additional names from the later conflict. The surround is also made of Portland Stone, with bronze plaques. It has two pavilions; north and south which look out towards Chatham. Along the surround are 4 portland stone statues of sailors.

The Grade II listed memorial[3] is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The memorial featured prominently in the 1996 novel Last Orders by British author Graham Swift, as did the Medway Towns . The novel was adapted into a film and directed by Australasian director Fred Schepisi and starred inter alia Sir Michael CaineBob HoskinsRay Winstone and Helen Mirren. The memorial featured in a number of scenes.

Source WikiPedia:

Do Medway SEO offer reputation management?

Do Medway SEO offer reputation management?

This is an email I just received, aptly in my JUNK MAIL, about so called ‘reputation management’ services.

Have a read here:

We Post Good Reviews.

We do Reputation Repair.

We do Blog Advertising.

We can help you defend your company by posting positive Reviews, Blogs and creating Websites to take over Search Results and control what people see about your company.

361-444-3559   for Paid Review Posting Service  for Reviews and Reputation Service

How does posting positive reviews help in your businesses Google ranking?

1. Positive reviews increase your business rank by linking important and relevant websites to your website.

2. A constant stream of positive reviews improves your online reputation.

3. Positive reviews drive traffic to your business.

4. Positive reviews restore a tarnished reputation by pushing down negative reviews and links.

5. Helps protect against competitors or anyone else from attempting to run your ranking.


What is reputation management?

Following a little research on the subject, it appears that there are lots of companies now offering reputation management as a service. Reputation management is simply the practice of writing falsely positive reviews for their clients in order to improve their online image. Medway SEO as a company prefer to operate in a different way so, in answer to the title question, MEDWAY SEO DO NOT OFFER REPUTATION MANAGEMENT.

Yes, we can help you improve your Google rankings and yes we use comment and review sites but if your business has a poor reputation, there are better ways to fix the issue than to hire companies to ‘manage’ how you appear online using fake reviews under the banner of reputation management. We will not partake in writing fake reviews or pretend to have used your services successfully to improve rankings. We also believe that web users these days are far more aware of these immoral practices and will make their own judgments based on the integrity of your website content – we all have friends who will happily write good reviews for us so we all allow for that when making our minds up.

We are more than happy to help your business improve its reputation, online presence and Google page rankings but we’ll do it properly and using honest and proven methods to achieve it.

My advice would be to steer well clear of B2B companies offering to provide reputation management.

If you would like to talk about SEO websites for business, talk to us and we’ll show you what we can do using methods that work, without compromising your business ethics.

medwayseo - reputation managementImproving your SEO – the right way.