Business blogging and why you should do it

‘Business blogging and why you should do it’ – there are a number of good reasons to get into blogging from your business website. Here’s a few to wet your appetite.

In the days before the internet became ‘the way forward’ it was much the same, the big companies paid good money to advertise in the national media and the small companies used local media and other creative ways to get their message out there. Naturally the big boys grew at a huge rate and the rest did what they could to maintain good exposure. Now the smaller fish have a big net themselves to play with…

Business blogging and why you should do it

Yes, the big boys of business do still pay ‘good’ money to advertise in the best places but the world is a smaller place with more opportunities for small businesses. Blogging is one of the best ways to get ranked higher in search engines and if you’re good at it, you will see fast results. I know of companies that pay Google more than £20,000 a year to capture their chosen keywords. You don’t always have to.

Make Google love you!

Google loves fresh and relevant content so if you blog regularly, with new and fresh content that is closely related to your website, you will be noticed. If your viewers find your blogs valuable, they could go viral and attract lots of attention!

Plan your blogs!

You’ll need to think of your blog topics in advance to avoid ‘bloggers block’ but once you’re rolling along, it will be plain sailing for you. Spend a little time thinking of what you want to say, how useful it may be to your viewers and then just get stuck in – it’s a blog so there’s no great need to be ‘marketing savy’ or ‘articulate like a pro’. Blogs are generally taken as more personal than sales copy on a webpage – be yourself!

Be nice…

Blogging is a great way to directly engage with your potential clients so first and foremost, use this medium to put the right impression across to your viewers.

Business blogging and why you should do it

You don’t always need to write huge essays or sell your services at any given opportunity – just be sincere and keep your content relevant and topical. Short and sweet is always best. A few images always goes down a treat!

Where do I learn more?

Here’s a great set of tips to get you started:!DjZq8 (Source: Jump in and search ‘business blogging tips’ or similar and you’ll find a heap of information to help get you started on the right path.

If you’re looking to start a business blog or would like more information about business blogging and how to get set up – contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you along the way.