Diesel SEO long term landing pages

Diesel SEO

Diesel SEO long term landing pages – for the win

Diesel SEO long term landing pages are a unique set of whitehat SEO tools and strategies that guarantee to improve your SEO rankings. You want to be on Google page 1 and we know how to get you there.

We’ve been working on a system that is now proven to be effective. The longer your pages are live, the stronger the SEO becomes. Have a look at the video below for proof:

How do Diesel SEO long term landing pages work?

We’re not going to spill the beans just yet, but we can prove how effective they are. The system has been refined over a number of years and following many trials. Suffice to say that we’re ranking above SEO companies in their own areas!

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WordPress Workshops coming soon in Medway !

UPDATE: WordPress Workshops are here! Click here to find out more…

Medway SEO will soon be offering custom WordPress Workshops in the Medway area. New businesses are turning to WordPress to manage their own websites and there is a distinct lack of training available. Not for long!

WordPress workshops coming soon in Medway!

We are working hard to bring you comprehensive sessions tailored to small businesses looking to have control over their websites and publish to their potential clients. We saw a great venue in Rochester today and if things workout the way we want them to, we’ll be holding our first WordPress workshops within a few weeks!

You’ll be able to set up your site and develop your own web presence with one-on-one support and guidance along the way. By the end of the course you should have a stylish, working website to attract more business and help manage things online without being tied to a web design company.

Medway WordPress workshops

We’ll be breaking the teaching modules into bite-sized chunks to make it easier to retain the information and we’ll provide worksheets and resources to ensure you have no worries about editing your own website.

WordPress workshops will give you the start you need to learn your way around the system. Learn how to blog, create pages and add links to other sites. We’ll even give you a few great tips on SEO with a few nifty plugins that actually show you how to write the way Google likes!

If you would like more information about our WordPress Workshops, please use the form below.

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Your contact details will only be used to contact you with regard to Medway SEO WordPress workshops. You will not be added to any mailing lists. We take privacy seriously. (We’ll teach you a bit about not upsetting your prospects and privacy laws in the first WordPress workshop)

When your takeaway flat white looks this good

Medway Services on the M2 is a little known treasure in Medway.

When I was young (ha!) it was known as ‘Farthing Corner’ and we’d sit up there with a filter coffee for hours, passing the time and feeling like we were miles away or ‘en route’ to or from a long road trip somewhere far away.

The magic hasn’t gone, but it has changed. Moto now manage the site and they are doing a grand job (for the consumer anyway) with the arrival of Marks & Spencer, Greggs and Costa. WH Smith, Burger King and the slot machine areas are still there and the outside area has new facias and a huge screen outside the main entrance (Southbound).


With 2 hours free parking (don’t bother, they use ANPR cameras) and clean toilets make visiting a lot more pleasant than in the old days.

As regular visitors to the site, I can honestly say that every single barista that works in Costa A) Knows how to make good coffee and B) Cares about making good coffee. It’s hard to believe that a motorway services Costa outlet serves up some of the best Coffee in Medway, and it’s 24 hours a day!

Here’s my twitter post for Amber’s flat white:


Rochester SEO – the battle continues

Rochester SEO rankings

Rochester SEO

Rochester SEO is our latest challenge. We’ll show you how effective natural SEO can be.

A few weeks back we began a campaign to rank for ‘seo in rochester kent‘ – click the keyphrase to see the results. The image below also takes you directly to the Google search page:

Rochester SEO rankings

The phrase we really want to go for is ‘Rochester SEO‘. This is no easy task given the amount of SEO companies that are trying to rank for this phrase. The biggest problem is the fact that there is another Rochester in the USA. We want to rank the Rochester in Kent, UK.

We’ve added a few tags and created a video to boost the SEO juice! Check out our YouTube video below:

The video itself is a quick tutorial that shows how we add Rochester SEO in to a logo using an online app. If you’re interested in creating logos online, visit https://www.graphicsprings.com/start-your-logo for more details.  Basic pricing starts at $20 or something. We only used it to demo the keyphrase we are trying to rank for,

How long will it take?

The last campaign took 2 weeks to rank. There are lots of factors that affect the speed of results. We’re hoping it will take around a month to see results. Google needs to crawl the pages and determine where we should sit, based on the quality of the content. Sometimes we see results fast, so we’ll be keeping an eye on things over the next week or so to see how we are shuffling the rankings.

Why Rochester SEO? There are two reasons; the first being that we love a good challenge! The second is that we want to attract local customers from Rochester in Kent, as that’s where we are based. We can easily meet in any number of coffee shops in the high street and if they find us on Google, they come to us to help them find local custom for their business!

If you found us through Google and have in interest in learning SEO or would like us to help your site rank higher, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help your business.